About anika

First I want to start off by saying I hate talking about myself - so this should be fun :)  Here I go! My name is Anika and I am Sicilian and Swedish. I am proud to have two very different backgrounds that make up who I am. With my crazy love of fashion - especially overalls - I have been a style curator since I was a kiddo. My second word was purse if that tells you anything :)

Being creative sets my soul on fire! Seriously. Having a vision and creating something from nothing gives me so much joy and flat out excitement in life.  When I put together an outfit, design jewelry, or even do a DIY project I radiate with energy.

So here I am sharing myself with you and hoping you find some inspiration from my fashion and creative energies!


Ciao ♥ The Sicilian Swede

Hey it's Anika!

Hey it's Anika!