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Meet The Sicilian Swede

Meet The Sicilian Swede

First I want to start off by saying I hate talking about myself – so this should be fun ūüôā ¬†Here I go!¬†I am part¬†Sicilian and part Swedish. These different¬†ethnicities¬†have¬†made me the unique girl that I am¬†today! ¬†With my crazy love of fashion – especially overalls¬†–¬†I have been a style curator since I was young. ¬†My second word was purse if that tells you anything ūüôā Style¬†is my way of emotionally expressing myself without using language. ¬†I like to call it my Style Emotion.¬†I have created this blog as a challenge for myself to¬†share my emotions, thoughts and life adventures with you by using style as my vehicle. ¬†Living in the amazing city of Chicago has pushed me to¬†step out of my comfort zone and so far, amazing things have happened from it! ¬†Aside from my love of fashion, my love for the city of Chicago just keeps growing since I moved¬†here in 2013! ¬†Come check out my stylish adventures¬†while I run around Chicago!

I encourage everyone to challenge themselves by stepping outside their comfort zone whether it be creatively, emotionally, or physically.  I hope I inspire you all to find your Style Emotions through following my blog Рand if so, send me a note and tell me all about it, I too love being inspired by all of you!


Ciao ♥ The Sicilian Swede



  1. very inspirational post. I wish everyone would step out of their comfort zone when decorating too! Life is short, let’s have fun and create and really show our own style in fashion and decorating. Happy Monday.

    • Thank you! I agree, life is too short! When I let go of fear and challenge myself, it is crazy the awesome things that can happen! With fashion and decorating there are no right or wrong decisions so let that creativity flow!! Ciao!

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