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the minimalist movement

the minimalist movementAs I am always trying to better my life, and since fashion is my love, I have decided to start a style movement that will add value to my life and my closet! 

Do you ever feel like you have so many clothes but never anything to wear?!  Ah, that is such a common feeling most of us women have.  Trying on a million things in the morning, with nothing feeling good, looking good and just hating everything.  UGH.  It’s a terrible way to start the day, not to mention it’s time consuming and starting your day off late is the worst way to begin a new day.  

I have decided it’s time to get an inventory of my closet and get rid of those pieces that I NEVER wear but try on a million times.  I once heard that the average woman only wears 20% of her closet. That is definitely true for me! So why keep the other 80%? I am challenging myself to minimize my closet and get creative with my absolute favorite pieces! I’m calling it “The Minimalist Movement”.   

I started with a closet clean out.  If I have not worn something in the last year goodbye!  It’s actually very liberating.  You should try it.  Once you can let go it feels wonderful.  After spending a Friday night cleaning out my closets I also reorganized them (yes, I like to spend my Friday nights organizing 🙂 ) My closets were organized by silhouette and then color.  But after seeing all the pieces I tossed, I quickly found out all I had left were white tops and lots of black!!  So, I reorganized by color.  It’s kind of funny to see my closet now with so much black. I would say I wear about 50% black, 30% white and grey and 20% denim.  So it appears my style is already pretty minimal with black and white, haha. My style and my new life mantra match! yay 🙂

minimalist - black
minimalist - white

denim || @sicilianswede

Cleaning and reorganizing my closet has allowed me to maximize my wardrobe.  How?  First of all, it’s more pleasing to my eyes to see a color coordinated closet.  It’s less chaotic.  Standing there in my closet wondering what to wear is less overwhelming than before when I felt like it was screaming at me in confusion. It’s calming, neat and organized – sounds weird talking about a closet like this LOL.  Since I have less to chose from, I can get ready much quicker!  Anyways, if I am really only wearing 20% of my closet there is a reason for that.  Weather I am wearing them for comfort, look/style  or ease I can wear these pieces and creatively make new outfits from them! Instead of trying on a thousand other pieces that I never like, why not make new outfits from the old pieces I already have and already wear all the time! I immediately expanded my wardrobe and didn’t have to buy anything!

A closet clean out is the first step to a minimalist lifestyle. So start the new year with a new wardrobe without spending any money! Try to be creative with the pieces you own, think outside the box and have fun! 

Stay tuned for more tips and tricks for my minimalist approach to style!

Ciao ♥ The Sicilian Swede

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